jueves, 5 de mayo de 2016

9. If this isn't racism, what is?


The majority of us reject racist activities and condemn all kind of acts in which people is victim of mistreatment, insults and rejection.  Many times racist behaviour is obvious and evident to everyone but it is also quite often to be difficult to detect it. People can express their prejudices against other race or ethnic groups in many subtle ways:
In a restaurant, people may refuse to share a table with a gipsy family; people act as xenophobes when think immigrants are displacing local population in temporary jobs...

Let's watch this video to be aware of some of the real problems that victims of racism have to face in their daily life:

Prejudice and discrimination

  • Content: Discrimination based on racism.
    • Content language: victim of discrimination, behaviour, attitude, unfair treatment, to condemn, to refuse, to reject, positive discrimination
  • Communication: English language: 
      • to be victim of ...
      • to discriminate against somebody
      • discrimination based on...
      • to feel disadvantaged in relation to...
      • to be (more/less) likely to +inf.
  • Culture: Knowing about real cases of discrimination.

  • Cognition: 
    • Comprehension: explain, distinguish, give examples, infer, review, identify.

Complete the text by watching the video.

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