jueves, 26 de mayo de 2016

10. Globalization

Unit 3.    OUR WORLD

"GLOBALIZATION refers to the international exchange of people, products, services, money, technology and culture. In a globalized society, the entire world functions as one geographical space,
With modern advances in transport, people and products can travel across the world in just a few hours. And in the communication media, we van see live broadcasts and watch the news around the world, as it happens". 
(Citizenship Studies, Oxford Education)

Let's listen to this video to complete the text and comment the effects of globalization in different aspects of life.

  • Content:What is Globalization ?
    • Content language: Advantages and disadvantages of globalization in our society: economic, social, political, cultural and environmental effects.
  • Communication: English language: 
    • should + infinitive
  • Culture: 
    • Northen vs southern countries. Earth Summits.
  • Cognition: 
    • Comprehension: Give examples, recognize, explain, summarize, identify, rewrite, infer

  • Listening comprehension activity: Fill in the gaps to complete the transcription of the video.
  • Reading comprehension.
  • Class discussion.

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