jueves, 25 de febrero de 2016

8. Women in History

Lesson 1. Women's role

We are going to learn what many women did and are doing today to make the world be better. 
Despite the problems, difficulties and complex situations they had or have to cope with, eventually, they achieved or are achieving their goals and purposes in life.
Their efforts have been rewarded with international recognition and now we are going to honor them with our project.
Click on the woman's image.

In pairs, you have to look for some information about a woman highlighting the most important and outstanding of their life.

Scheme and format of the project: 
  • PDF: page 1: woman's photograph; page 2: composition with the most important information.
  • Video recording file.
  • Content: The role of women in History.
  • Communication: open vocabulary.
  • Culture: short biographies of women who has been important in History.
  • Cognition: 
    • Synthesis: plan design, relate, write, summarize.

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